#TTLArchive | Unique pieces from the archive

So… We’re moving house tomorrow which is, of course, very exciting. It’s also one of the most stressful things EVER! How did we end us with so much stuff??

One of the great things about packing everything up is finding all the treasures that I’ve forgotten about over the years. There are the obvious ones like old photos (hilarious!) and keepsakes but I couldn’t believe the wonders I found when packing up the studio! One of a kind earrings, clips and the most stunning headpieces I made back when Tilly Thomas Lux was just a dream. The packing ground to a halt as Anne and I had a great time trying them all on in the studio and it got me thinking…

I’m excited to say we’ve launched a new section of the website called TTL Archive where you can buy these unique pieces. Most of these pieces were press pieces so there is only one of each in existence and I wont be making any more. Some of them have crystals that Swarovski discontinued years ago and I literally can’t get anymore. I hope they can bring as much joy to their new owners as they brought to me when I was making them. Check them out below or click here.

Love and sparkle,

Sally xx

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