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#TTLArchive | Unique pieces from the archive

So… We’re moving house tomorrow which is, of course, very exciting. It’s also one of the most stressful things EVER! How did we end us with so much stuff?? One of the great things about packing everything up is finding all the treasures that I’ve forgotten about over the years.

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Creating a Bespoke Piece | Behind the Scenes

I get a lot of questions about my bespoke process so I thought it was time to give those of you who are interested an in-depth look.

I LOVE designing. I’m still as passionate about it now as I was in those early days when I started Tilly Thomas Lux and working with brides to create the piece of their dreams is so rewarding.

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New Cleopatra Collection

Hi there! I’m so excited to be writing to you after a sparkle-packed summer of incredible brides, top secret commissions (if you haven’t already, you have to see the Tilly Thomas Lux leafy bespoke beauty that the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh wore for her marriage to Hugo Taylor) guessed it...the hours of dreaming, designing and stone-setting that go into making up my newest collection: Cleopatra.

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New collection Mermaid 18

Happy New Year sparkle sisters! It's been a busy few weeks since returning from my honeymoon and I am so excited about what 2018 will bring for Tilly Thomas Lux. 2017 was an amazing year – I was the bride (twice), we launched a new collection, Shooting Stars, that you guys gave so much love (I’m still reeling from your kind words, thank you!) and signed up to my second Most Curious Wedding Fair – will I see any of you there in a few short months!?

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New collection Shooting Stars 18

Today I’m incredibly excited to be launching the third Tilly Thomas Lux collection, ‘Shooting Stars’. Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to draw on my sparkle-filled daydreams to create ‘Goddess’ and ‘Celestial Flight’, and I’ve come to realise that I’m constantly inspired by a natural world that is inextricably linked with the female - Mother Earth providing, creating and displaying her beauty in myriad forms. The moon after all in most Romance languages is feminine; ‘la lune’ or ‘la luna’ conjuring images of a regal, ethereal woman, hung mystically in an indigo velvet sky.

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