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Happy New Year sparkle sisters! It's been a busy few weeks since returning from my honeymoon and I am so excited about what 2018 will bring for Tilly Thomas Lux. 2017 was an amazing year – I was the bride (twice), we launched a new collection, Shooting Stars, that you guys gave so much love (I’m still reeling from your kind words, thank you!) and signed up to my second Most Curious Wedding Fair – will I see any of you there in a few short months!?

I’m super excited to be kicking off the year by launching a second collection that I hope you’ll adore as much as I do, a glittering array of shining metals, sparkling stones and lustrous pearls all paying homage to one of my very favourite creatures – the mermaid.

Enchanting, beguiling, beautiful and mysterious, mermaids have appeared in many guises across the years and cultures. In British folklore, mermaids are omens of the sea, and in Chinese myth, they weep their tears as precious pearls – these beautiful creatures are powerful and symbolic spirits who weave in and out of Classical Antiquity, Norse and Greek mythology, and modern-day mystery.

The collection features two pairs of earrings dripping with stars, pearls and shell-inspired shapes, their names drawing on Greek, Hawaiian and Basque languages, invoking images of pristine clear waters and evocative of the playful, ever-changing nature of the sea. The Arista hair pins were inspired by pearlescent starfish while the Selkie pins are an ode to the mythological creatures of Irish, Scottish, Faroese and Icelandic folklore.

Inspired by powerful oracles, natural forms and ancient myth, the Delphine headband is as regal as she is delicate, and there’s a whimsical reference to Shakespeare’s beautiful and tragic heroine in the form of the Ophelia head piece. It didn’t escape my notice either that she is one of only two female characters Hamlet – a powerful protagonist.

I have a soft spot for Marin, the star of the sea, scattered with pearlescent stones evoking the mystery of the ocean’s depths. Pearls symbolise wisdom and the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of their wearer, a lovely sentiment that sits well with my Yorkshire roots.

The crowning jewel of the collection is Oceania, a commandingly beautiful statement piece reminiscent of deep cerulean waters and shell-strewn shallows. And the Calypso headpiece, perfect for sweeping back even the finest hair, or securing a flowing veil in place, is an ode to the beguiling sea nymph of Greek mythology, powerfully feminine and regal.

Well there you have it, yet another insight into the restless, glittering inner workings of my mind! Wishing you all a love and joy-filled New Year, smattered liberally, of course, with sparkle.

With love and sparkle,

Sally x

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