New collection Shooting Stars 18

"We are all stars and we deserve to twinkle."

Marilyn Monroe

Stars. Strange celestial bodies millions of miles from Earth and the source of myth and legend since the beginning of time. Stars and moons are such prominent motifs in my designs, and something of their otherworldly, immense power inspires me to create pieces redolent with their beauty.

Today I’m incredibly excited to be launching the third Tilly Thomas Lux collection, ‘Shooting Stars’. Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to draw on my sparkle-filled daydreams to create ‘Goddess’ and ‘Celestial Flight’, and I’ve come to realise that I’m constantly inspired by a natural world that is inextricably linked with the female - Mother Earth providing, creating and displaying her beauty in myriad forms. The moon after all in most Romance languages is feminine; ‘la lune’ or ‘la luna’ conjuring images of a regal, ethereal woman, hung mystically in an indigo velvet sky.

This collection flowed from my fingers in a flurry of sparkling stars and lustrous moons, jet black meteoric gems and shimmering, shining metals. I drew on myths of the Greek and Norse gods, warrior queens, astronomical entities and inky skies. Nostalgic visions of Peter Pan flying to Neverland, heading joyfully for the ‘second star to the right and straight on till morning,’ nestled alongside mystical creatures of immense power to create pieces that to me feel both ethereal and bold in equal measure.

There’s a range of delicate necklaces - shimmering golden threads suspending tiny twinkling stars and radiant moons, dripping like morning dew - perfect for bridesmaids presents or as sparkling Christmas gifts worn with glittering star stud earrings. I’ve also updated some of your favourites designs, the minimal Lucia headband and pins now reincarnated in a warm, glowing rose gold, reminiscent of the first rays of morning sun, and the shimmering Vespera given a modern twist as constellation-like ear jackets.

An array of glistening crocodile clips are perfect for sweeping back even the finest hair, and as well as nestling perfectly in a bridal hairstyle, they look oh so cool clipped to a lapel or secured on the edge of a relaxed beanie hat for a touch of sparkle. Callisto is one of my favourite new designs, regal crescent moons interpreted as a necklace, hair pins and shimmering stud earrings, and the Hera is a fresh take on our beloved Estella necklace, a golden ode to the goddess of women and marriage.

There are touches of old Hollywood glamour in the statement Astra and Erela earrings, shimmering with bright stones and glinting stars. I can imagine these beautiful pieces against a minimal black dress, styling up an oversized jumper with jeans and boots, or dusting the shoulders of a delicate bridal gown.

It's the versatility of these designs that really excites me, that a much much-loved bridal headpiece might be given a second life, rather than languishing under a bed like a forgotten relic. I already have several appointments with now married Tilly Thomas Lux brides to forge their sparkling crowns into one of a kind necklaces, a prospect that fills me with joy. The idea that these incredible women will cherish their designs for years to come, perhaps even pass them down through generations, wear them, love them, show them off - it's a legacy I'm proud to leave behind.

There’s a deeply personal resonance to Shooting Stars too. I married my love in September in star-strewn skirt and winged heels, and adorned shining golden cuffs with tiny, glittering stars to complement my sparkling headpiece. These delicate cuffs have made their way into the collection, lovingly named Carina, which means ‘beloved.’ They’re both whimsical and fit for a warrior queen, a counterbalance of powerful and gentle femininity, and I adore them.

As always, if you’re interested in a piece from the new collection, or an element of the design has sparked a shimmering idea in your mind, get in touch! Bespoke bridal, festive showstopper or glittering gift – your wish is my command. If you wish upon a star…

Sally x