New collection Celestial flight 17

“Heavy is the crown and yet she wears it it as if it were a feather. There is strength in her heart, determination in her eyes and the will to survive resides within her soul. She is you. A warrior, a champion, a fighter, a queen.” R.H. Sin

I found this amazing quote floating in the Instagram ether and couldn’t believe how much it embodies everything that Tilly Thomas Lux stands for. I strive to create pieces which are elegant and luxurious of course, but it’s about so much more than that for me. I want to craft something that truly feels like a crown upon your head, something that empowers you, emboldens you and emphasises your unique beauty.

Women are such incredible creatures, I can’t begin to tell you where the inspiration for my creations starts and ends; brave warriors and powerful goddesses, ethereal fairies and majestic queens. My 2017 collection draws on folklore and legend, nature and whimsy - motifs of feathers, stars and leaves range from soft, dreamy designs to bold, statement pieces.

In order to truly explain how special and personal this collection is to me, I need to take you back to my childhood. Nostalgic memories of soft, rustling wings in my father’s aviary, the two proud feathers in the brim of my uncle’s hat, my (still) strong belief in fairies at the bottom of my garden; I’ve always loved the idea of wings. That beautiful, suspended moment before a bird takes flight is magical to me.

There’s a one-sided headband in the collection which features delicate layered feathers - super wearable and subtle enough to look just as fabulous with jeans as with a wedding dress. And alongside that a light-weight hair clip with the same beautiful feather design, which is perfect for securing fine hair. These pieces are whimsical and dream-like, I envision them to appear floating in the hair as if weightless.

From here I started to craft my statement pieces - striking headpieces reminiscent of the crowns I made bespoke for Halfpenny London’s 2017 collection launch at The Ritz, shimmering combs of glistening stones and arching, wing-like shapes. Baz Luhrmann’s Juliet, in her feathered angels wings, was a modern source of inspiration; beguiling, beautiful and enchanting.

And it was impossible to think of feathers without turning to Swan Lake and the dreamy, balletic gracefulness of swans. I’ve combined inspiration taken from their elegant feathers with leaves and stars, things of naturally occurring beauty steeped in meaning and symbolism. A layered, star-strewn headband, reminiscent of celestial constellations is a piece I’m particularly excited about - both a bridal beauty and the perfect Christmas party show-stopper.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into my restless brain! If you’re interested in a piece from the new collection, or in creating your own bespoke variation of one of my designs, get in touch - I’d love to hear from you.

Sally x