Ready Set Sparkle

Introducing Sally Thomas And The Gorgeously Glittering Launch Of Tilly Thomas Lux 



As I glanced nervously around the opulent elegance of The Ritz, surrounded on all sides by statuesque beauties, swishing bridal gowns and picture-perfect make-up, even sporting my most serious blogger’s topknot and Acne Studios scandi power uniform I thought, “I don't belong here.”  


Then a warm and friendly northern voice broke into my anxious thoughts and banished all of that worry in an instant. This is the moment I met the wonderful Sally Thomas, all round incredible human being and the creative force behind Tilly Thomas Lux. 


Hi! My name’s Emily, I’m a writer for Love My Dress, giddy bride to be and total Tilly Thomas Lux fan girl. If you haven't already discovered this beautiful bridal brand, your life is about to change. Sally and I met at the launch of Halfpenny London’s glamorous 2017 bridal collection; I was live blogging and Sally had created the sensational bespoke hairpieces which perfectly crowned Kate Halfpenny’s stunning creations. We quickly realised we were both from Yorkshire, both obsessed with opals and both embarking on very special adventures in the wonderful world of weddings. 


Today its my utmost pleasure to introduce you to the lady herself with an intimate Q&A session as we celebrate the official launch of the gorgeous new Tilly Thomas Lux website. Brides-to-be - youre welcome 


Sally, you mention the history of the headpiece as a foundation for the inspiration for your designs; from goddess to queen. Can you let us in on your favourite historical and present day icons? Other than Grandma Thomas of course. 


There are so many inspirational women to credit, and all for completely different reasons. Greta Garbo, Judy Garland, Isabella Blow, Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Taylor (especially in Cleopatra), Queen Elizabeth, Diana Vreeland, Cher, Barbara Streisand, Chloë Sevigny, Diane Kruger (as Helen of Troy), Grace Coddingron...I could go on forever. Also my mum and obviously both of my grandmas. 


Whats your favourite stone or gem? I know this is going to be tough! 


Yes this really is a tough one as I'm totally obsessed with each and every stone. I'm quite partial to the crystal baguette; its shape and facet bring a certain elegance to any design and I love featuring these beauties in my creations. 


Where do you get your ideas and inspiration for styles and shapes from? 


I'm obsessed with the Art Deco era; from architecture to interiors to jewellery.I am also a huge fan of old films and old Hollywood glamour, especially the Ziegfeld Girls; the headpieces are incredible and a constant source of inspiration for me.Ive always been fascinated by Greek mythology; divine goddesses and strong women. Im personally very lucky to come from a line of strong Yorkshire women.  


What is it about working with brides that you find so rewarding? 


I love working with brides because each woman is totally unique; even if two brides are wearing the same dress, the way they style it is often completely different and the accessories are the icing on the proverbial cake. Its so much fun creating pieces to suit each brides personality and style. When I see the resulting wedding photos, I experience such utter joy and feel unbelievably lucky to be able to do this as a job. Im passionate about making brides feel fabulous and special and if I can be even a small part of that, its incredibly rewarding. 


Where do you source most of your materials? 


I use Swarovski crystals and brass findings, which I design and layer onto. I adore silk tulle and Ive been collecting unusual stones for years and years. It's an obsession! I'm always vintage shopping for jewels and I have draws full of vintage sparkle. Its amazing inspiration and means my pieces are completely one of a kind and steeped in history and meaning. 


What's been the highlight for Tilly Thomas Lux so far? 


Definitely designing the 'Ritz headpieces' with Kate Halfpenny. It was a complete privilege to work with such a creative mind and a genuinely lovely person. Kate brought out the best in me as a designer and for that I will be forever grateful. 


What would you like the next 12 months to bring for Tilly Thomas Lux? 


More brides, more sparkle and meeting more incredible new people. I really do feel very lucky every single day to be able to live out my dream. Its been something Ive been working towards for a very long time. 


What is your background? Have you always been a sparkle fiend? Secret rockstar? Aspiring vet? 


Im a Northern girl through and through. I grew up in a small Yorkshire village and was always either on a horse or singing and dancing in my local theatre group. My dad is an artist and potter so my brother and I pretty much grew up in an exhibition; our house was very arty.Ive always been a sparkle addict - my family call me Sally Sparkle. I studied fashion design at university and my final collection was covered in Swarovski crystals (back then there wasn't anything like this around) and it was Called 'Glitz Kids'. I also made a collection named 'Matadors and Tiaras' so I think Ive always been obsessed with stones and crowns. 

Its funny you should ask about being a vet because I absolutely love animals, but my mind just doesn't work that way. I do however have a dog called Walter (hes kind of a big deal on Instagram) and a massive fluffy cat named Buster. 


Who would be your dream fashion designer to collaborate with? It must be a given that Kate Halfpenny is your dream bridal designer collaboration? 


That's another really tough one. Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen seems an obvious first choice but I have always been obsessed with her work. The recent exhibition at the V&A was incredible; I sat in there for hours staring at the incredible pieces, surrounded by sparkle. Basically in heaven. 


And lastly a quick fire round 


Coffee or tea? Coffee (sorry mum!) 

Books or movies? Fashion books 

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla 

Winter or summer? Definitely summer 

Bracelet or necklace? Necklace 

Dark chocolate or white chocolate? White chocolate 

Cats or dogs? BOTH! 

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset 

Sky dive or bungee jump? Hmmm, neither! 

10 Truth or dare? Dare, she who dares...


Sold yet? I knew it. I cant wait to join the ranks of the fabulous #TTLRealBrides - Im lucky enough to be one of Sallys first bespoke brides since her official launch. Ill be shimmering away in a Tilly Thomas Lux design on the day of my Italian nuptials and I couldn't be more proud. So come join us - we have sparkly things. And lots of them. 



Love, Emily & Sally x x